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We support regional and local work through regional bureaus, dedicated teams with regional expertise who advise other Internet Society departments on local issues and team up with Chapters to grow memberships, assists them in building strong projects and helps them advance their support for the Internet Society’s mission and values.

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    Together with our chapters, we work to cultivate expert communities throughout the continent, collaborate with regional policy makers, and build access for unserved and underserved communities.

  • Asia-Pacific category image


    We work with chapters to cultivate expert communities in developing countries, collaborate with regional policy makers, and build access for unserved and underserved communities.

  • Europe category image


    We aim to strengthen and broaden relationships with key stakeholders at European and national levels, while working with European decision makers to enhance security, privacy and ethical data handling and to promote the ecosystem of transparent, multistakeholder Internet governance, based on the values of openness and transparency.

  • Latin America & Caribbean category image

    Latin America & Caribbean

    We provide critical insight on local business, technology and policy issues and we work with Chapters to grow individual memberships, support their initiatives and help them advance in their support of the Internet Society's mission and values. This includes the focus on building trust and providing transparent guidance for Chapters and helping each chapter develop strong projects.

  • Middle East category image

    Middle East

    We aim to better support regional efforts towards the development of the Internet by building technical knowledge and know-how within the Internet community. We also work to engage our North African Chapters.

  • North America category image

    North America

    Internet Society is working closer than ever with its chapters, partners and communities on the front lines of the Internet in the United States and Canada. Together, we’re working to make the Internet a better and more inclusive place for everyone.

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