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Building Trust 13 September 2019

2019 Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll

The 2019 Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll will represent the 11th independent analysis and benchmark report of the adoption of security standards and responsible privacy practices. 


Sites  are eligible to receive 300 total base points, including up to 100 points in each of three major categories: 

  • Domain, Brand & Consumer Protection 
  • Site, Server & Infrastructure Security 
  • Privacy, Transparency & Disclosures 

Bonus points are available for implementation of emerging best practices and penalties are assessed for vulnerabilities, breaches, and regulatory settlements. The 2019 scoring has been expanded and enhanced with additional weight and granularity given to key practices. To qualify for Honor Roll status, sites need to receive a composite score of 80% or better and a score of at least 60 in each of the three separate categories.   

Read the full methodology

Release Date

The 2019 Online Trust Audit will be released in 2020.


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